Sunday, June 24, 2007

MAG 3D SSC P4 (1050mA)

ok, a lot of people have already done this so I'll keep the words short and let the pics do the talking (sorry they're a bit grainy)...
Here's an SSC P4 MAG 3D mod (using the AMC7135 1050mA circuit from DX):
SSC P4 epoxied to Litemania heatsink (with Artic Alumina Adhesive):

Now add clear epoxy to the outer rim with Glow in the Dark powder:

Here's a glow shot:

Wire traces soldered to the AMC7135 circuit board (note both jumpers bridged to give 1050mA):

Wire traces soldered to led through holes in heatsink:

Bottom view:

Top view:

Stock MAG 3D:

Stock MAG 3D incandescent bulb:

Removing the rubber switch cover:

Using allen key to remove switch assembly:

Dropping switch assembly out through rear:

All MAG 3D parts disassembled:

Removing bulb holder mechanism from switch assembly:

Removing -ve contact from switch assembly:

Removing switch barrel (+ve) from assembly:

Soldered wire traces onto both +ve & -ve parts:

Insert barrel part into main switch assembly (+ve):

Then insert the -ve part:

Slide switch assembly back into MAG body and tighten switch, notice no cutting of the switch assembly:

Solder -ve & +ve wires to the circuit board:

Insulate the circuit board (I used electrical tape, you could also hotglue the circuit to the underside of the heatsink however it may require cutting of the switch assembly:

Looking into the barrel:

All wires and circuit inside the MAG body:

A snug fit:

Now with a heap of thermal transfer paste... and yes, the heatsink does go all the way in... I just took the pic before having all the paste squeeze out everywhere.

Now to mod the reflector ... this is the only non-reversable part of my mod, but MAG reflectors are cheap and easily replaceable. Trim the cam portion off with any useful tool.

Install the modded reflector:

With the head back on and batteries loaded:

Beam shot at approx 1m:

Another shot:

From the front:

A Closer look:

And now a nice GLOW....

One last pic to finish it off...

Thanks to Nereus and all the other helpful threads/tutorials on how to mod a MAG. I'll post some comparisons between this and my MAG 4D SSC P4 with 800mA circuit (also from DX) as well as a stock 3D.


In order from left to right: MAG 3D SSC P4 (1050ma), MAG 4D SSC P4 (800ma), MAG 3D stock.

MAG 3D SSC P4 (1050ma), MAG 4D SSC P4 (800ma) (-2 exp)

Again: (0 exp)

In the dark:

Side by side:

Business end of the MAG 4D SSC P4:

And now the MAG 3D SSC P4:

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