Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elly Cree XR-E P4 vs Luxeon 5W on the Bike Track

Here I am with my Elly attached to the top of my helmet (good likeness huh?):

Here's the Elly turned on, on the helmet:

The next two pics are of the Elly mounted on top of my helmet. Used "Velcro Adjustable tape".

Closeup pic of the rear of the Elly and the front of the Elly on the helmet:

Pics of the Elly on the cheap mount on my bike:

Pics from the M7. 1st pic is using my Luxeon 5W bike light. The 2nd is the Elly, recognise the spot? The 3rd is a pic with out any lights and the remaining two are of the Elly again.


Von said...

the 5w kiks. if only the spread of the beam can be adjusted on the ellys. Not a bad output for such a small light.

Joe said...

The spread can be changed by removing the reflector and putting in a different optic.
Something like this:

The Cree in the Elly is really only driven at 1/2 it's capability. If driven at it's typical current it will produce twice as much light.

Two ways of doing this:
1) modify the driver circuit - a bit hard to do.
2) change the battery source - hard to do as we're limited to AA.

I am trying to find a 3V lithium AA battery to do this. they are hard to find and not available in Australia.
But i have heard that a CR-V3 digital camera battery is actually 2 AA's wrapped together. Few people have separated and used these.
You can buy AA Lithium's from Ebay etc but they are typically 3.7V which would fry the current circuit. Therefore these 3V AA's from a dismantled CR-V3 / RCR-V3 should do the trick.

I'll try to find one and experiment.

Another option is to just remove the AA and attach a cable to a big battery pack like on my 5W. This may also be a good option but again will require changing the driver circuit. This should be easier as the battery compartment or the battery pack can be used to house the driver as well.

ahmad fadil said...

Hi Joe,
The optic that you said here,can it fit the Elly head with the Cree attached?If it fit than i'm gonna order one optic myself:)

Joe said...


I think I answered your pm on CandlePowerForums. In any case, I am still waiting for the optics to arrive. Should be any day soon.
I'll post beam shots as soon as I get them.