Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Added the direct drive with 14500 cell

ok, more beam shots.
This time I have modified the Elly to be directly driven from the 14500 bypassing the circuitry altogther. My multimeter says theres 3.5Vf at the Cree and according to the data sheet that means 700 mA. The 14500 battery is actually 3.7V however I haven't charged these since I received them in the mail.

In the first set of pics I have chosen to add an extra pic of the direct option because thats how I perceived it with my eyes. All the other shots had the same settings for shutter speed, aperture etc. I think with the 14500 direct option there was too much exposure but I left it there so as to compare against the other beam shots.

Sequence: Orig, Cree, Cree 14500, Cree 14500 direct, what my eyes see.

Sequence: Orig, Cree, Cree 14500, Cree 14500 direct

Hall way approx 13m:

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