Friday, March 16, 2007

BEAM SHOTS!!! Stock Ellys vs Creed 14500 direct drive Elly

for those of us who already have our Elly's and have chosen direct drive, here's some more beamshots of the Ellys I ordered.

Firstly a couple of stock Ellys:

Now here are the stock Ellys again with my Cree 14500 on LOW (pulling 550mA):

And finally here are the stock Elly's with my Cree 14500 on HIGH (pulling 1.3A):

And yes all batteries are just off the charger(s). Stock with 2500mah Nimhs AAs.

Camera set at F8.0 1/13 Exp.

I was surprised myself at how much the Cree pulled but the 14500 was straight off the charger. I didn't measure Vf but I'd guess around 4.2V. I'll probably run it on low when it's straight off the charger and then kick it in to high when I need it. It's real handy being able to select modes.

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