Thursday, March 15, 2007

Elly Direct Drive details & pics

Measured my Elly at the tailcap (still uncharged 14500) and initially pulls ~700mA and slowly creeps up to ~850mA. Also Vf at the led is 3.45V.

Pics of direct drive bypass:

The white wire is my addition.

It goes through a little hole in the pcb and is soldered to where the battery contacts on the other side. Much easier than trying to stick my soldering iron down amongst those components.

Here's a pic of the rubber boot removed from the tailcap. I can't seem to remove the switch inside (without damaging it of course).


Wilgus said...

Thank you for the wonderful pics. I wish more people like you would take the time to show people how you do your amazing mods!

Joe said...

thanks alot for the compliment.
I wasn't even sure if anyone reads my blog.

Thing is I enjoy the little modding that I have done and I also enjoy showing people... not everybody has expressed the same appreciation that you have but that's ok.

It's fun for me anyway. =)